Individual and Small Group Program

1-2-1 coaching session – £30 per hour (Book 8 sessions for £200)
1-2-2 coaching session – £40 per hour (£20 each)
1-2-3 coaching session – £45 per hour (£15 each)

One on one coaching provides each player with specialised individual attention. Many youth footballers are under developed in key technical and physical attributes, as team based training doesn’t provide sufficient focus in these areas. Players can benefit from one on one training to sand off any rough edges and provide a new dimension to their game. We have experience of providing bespoke programs that focus specifically on technical and tactical development (finishing, receiving and turning etc) and physical development (speed, agility, strength and conditioning etc).

We also provide sessions for small groups of two to three that are a great way to really develop technical and physical skills. In this environment it is possible to focus quality time and energy on developing the skills of the individuals in the small group.

A typical session would be centred around whatever the topic is that we have agreed to focus on (shooting, control and passing, 1v1 attacking/defending, speed and agility etc). All drills would be focused around that topic with progression from drill to drill so the session flows throughout. We aim to challenge the player session by session so their game is constantly evolving. We have a wide range of participants who have taken part in 50 + sessions, so consistently creating a challenging environment for them is crucial.

In addition to these services, we provide coaching camps in all the school term holidays. These camps are generally held over three to four days per week, and last 6-7 hours with a lunch break in between. They all have a technical/tactical and physical topic for the day, and we always have a coach to player ratio of 1 to 10 on them. We advertise these camps several weeks before to give players and parents an opportunity to see our website for the topics we will be focusing on before booking a place. These camps have proven very successful, and we have worked with many children consistently from camp to camp as they get great enjoyment and benefit from them.