Carl Nolan                                     
Carl is a former professional footballer with Coventry City in the mid 90’s. Having played over 50 games for the Clubs reserves, Carl was fortunate to train and play with many international footballers. He then went on to make around 500 appearances in semi-professional football in England and Australia.
Carl’s youth career involved experience at different Professional Academies including Blackburn Rovers, Birmingham City and Manchester United. Carl developed under outstanding coaches such as John Peacock, Ray Gooding, Trevor Gould, Gary Gillespie, Phil Neal, Ron Atkinson and Gordon Strachan. He also worked under Roger Spry for two years, who is regarded as one of the top fitness and conditioning coaches in the world.
This playing experience fuelled Carl’s passion for coaching, and he went into coaching at the age of 29, and has accrued 10 years coaching experience working within semi-professional and youth football. Having studied Psychology and Fitness to a high level, as well as working within Education for the past 10 years, Carl takes a holistic approach to a child’s development, and has a lot of experience developing youth players to Professional Academy level as a result. Carl is currently coaching for Walsall FC Academy and is also an F.A. Qualified Talent Identification Scout.


UEFA B Licence Coach

Advanced Practitioner of SAQ (Speed, Agility and Quickness): Trained with SAQ International
Qualified Personal Fitness Instructor: Advanced application of plyometric and motor skill development, functional core stability training and eating for energy

BSc Psychology (Hons) Dissertation: The relationship between anxiety and sports performance
Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Psychology – Communication and Conflict

Diploma in Education and Training

Qualified F.A. Talent Identification Scout

Artur Skrzypasek

Artur is a former professional footballer, who spent his entire youth career from the age of 6 with Polar Wroclaw FC in Poland, progressing to the first team at age 18. Artur was forced to retire from football at the age of 20 due to a serious injury, and decided to help others progress in the game. Artur graduated from the University School of Physical Education in Poland with a Masters degree and has been teaching Physical Education for the past 8 years in Poland and England. Artur is also a UEFA B Licence Coach with over 10 years experience coaching youth footballers within Professional Academies in Poland and England. Artur is very detailed and analytical in his approach to coaching youth footballers, and uses a comprehensive motor co-ordination model that he developed from his Master’s studies in Physical Education to enhance players technical and physical progress.


Masters degree in Physical Education

Postgraduate Certificate in Education

UEFA B Licence Coach


Mark Robinson
Mark is a former Coventry City Academy player, who played a number of times for the Clubs reserves alongside many international footballers. He then went on to play over 300 semi-professional games in England. Mark’s youth career included spells at Birmingham City and Manchester United, and in his playing career, he was fortunate to be coached by several outstanding coaches in the world of football. Mark has been coaching for the last 10 years at semi-professional level, and youth level from ages 6 – 16 where he has developed players to Professional Academy level. Mark’s playing and coaching experience, in addition to his qualifications in football and fitness, enable him to encourage and inspire children to reach the next level in their development.


FA Level 2 Coach
Qualified Fitness Intructor

Dean Hellyer

Dean is a former semi-professional footballer with over 400 games playing for various Clubs in the Midlands. Dean has a lot of experience in youth coaching and is able to use his experience and knowledge to improve individuals and groups with his positive and motivational style. Dean is a qualified level 4 referee, and has officiated at the highest level of semi-professional football, and also works for the FA as an assessor and mentor. Dean is also a qualified Futsal coach and likes to use this coaching method in his sessions to improve players confidence on the ball, 1 v 1 skills, and ball retention.


Jamie Mulligan

Jamie is a former semi-professional footballer with over 300 games playing for various Clubs in the Midlands. Jamie started his coaching career at the age 30 and has been coaching for the last 7 years. He currently coaches in both semi-professional football and local youth football and has a lot of success improving groups and individuals within a short space of time. Jamie is a very encouraging and motivational coach and has experience of developing youth players who have progressed to various Professional Academies within the Midlands.


FA Level 1 Coach